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For Ticket Holders of "The Producers"
(May be used beginning July 19)

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Show your "The Producers"   ticket and enjoy our signature
Blue Chips or Fritti's FREE with purchase of $25 or more
Expires 8/18/2019
Get either Steak Flatbread,  Nachos,  Fried Green Tomatoes
or Very Gouda Nachos FREE with "
The Producers" ticket.
 (Valid with 2 entrees)  Expires
Show your "The Producers"  ticket & get a FREE
order of our signature Tapa!  Expires 8/18/2019
Show your "The Producers" ticket and save 10%
Expires 8/18/2019
--With your ticket to "The Producers" --  Expires 8/18/2019