Athens Youth Theater Academy
 Saturday Workshop Series

Saturday, February 10, 2018
"How to Audition" & “Cold readings for a role
10:00 AM - Noon

In this “cold readings” workshop kids will learn how to give a strong reading in an audition setting, with a piece they’ve never seen before. Often in auditions, directors will give an actor a scene to read from the show, and the actor has to perform it without any previous preparation. There are tricks to making the audition strong on the fly, that will be covered in this workshop. Kids are asked to bring a list of 5 characters that they would like to audition for in the future. Please bring pencil and paper for notes.

Saturday, March 10, 2018
"Character Study"
10:00 AM - Noon

In this workshop students will learn about all of the different aspects that go into developing a character. We will explore the character’s background, the way they carry them self, the way they talk and the way they view the world. Before the class, students are asked to pick a character that they would like to play so that we can explore their world. If the student has a script with that character in it, they are welcome to bring it.

Saturday, April 14, 2018
"Dance Workshop"
10:00 AM - Noon

n this workshop kids will experience what it’s like to go through a dance call at an audition. They will be taught a combination and then practice repeating it. Students will learn tricks to memorizing dance routines, and strategies for performing it well. Students are asked to come dressed in clothes that are easy to move in and tennis shoes or dance shoes.

Saturday, May 12
"Acting Through Song"
10:00 am - Noon

In this workshop kids will learn the skill of telling a story while singing. Acting while singing can provide a different challenge then acting a scene or monologue because there are notes to hold and often times words or phrases are repeated and it’s the Actors’s job to make each phrase new and interesting. Students will learn how to dissect a song and identify ways to make strong choices in their story telling. Students are asked to bring a song that they know by heart and feel comfortable performing. If they have sheet music to the song, please bring that as well. 

Who Can Attend?  Our  Saturday Workshops are designed for students ages 8-18

Cost?  Each class  is $10.00

Where is Class Held?  This master class is held on the Main Stage of the Athens Theatre - 124 N. Florida Avenue In the heart of Downtown DeLand, Florida 

Use the Register Now link to reserve your spot in the class and pay online. A registration form will be emailed to you. Be sure to fill it out and bring with you to the workshop.

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