Summer Camps

The Athens Youth Theater Summer of 2017

(This is a schedule of the camps that were conducted during the summer of 2017 which will be updated for 2018 on May 1.  Please return here then.)

Athens Youth Theater Academy


Come join us in the Athens Youth Academy!  Acting camps that challenge serious actors and welcome all beginners.

Imagine the perfect Summer acting camp: dazzling shows, great directors and teachers, and a place that makes me feel  welcome!


June 5-9 "Magic School Bus"  
Rising 1st Grade Students thru 4th grade | 9am-2pm | $ 195

Miss Frizzle is an amazing, interactive teacher who is in love with everything science!
In this camp students will be catching a wild ride on the Magic School Bus as they experience what class is like with
Miss Frizzle!

June 5-9 "Camp Rock"   
Rising 5th Grade Students thru 8th Grade |9am-2pm| $195

So many popular musicals today are filled with rock & roll!
In this camp we will dive into this rockin’ musical genre and discover what
makes it so unique and exhilarating!

June 12-16 "High School Intensive"  
Rising 8th Grade Students thru 12th grade | 9am-3pm |  $225

If you are thinking about going to college to study theater or preparing to audition for upcoming shows, then this camp will be a huge benefit for you!
Focusing on singing, acting, and dancing, as well as helpful advice shared for auditioning, this camp is geared to help students set
themselves up for success!

June 12-16 "Defy Gravity"
Rising 4th Grade Students thru 7th Grade | 9am-2pm | $195

Composer Stephen Schwartz has given us some amazing musicals like Wicked, Pippin, and Godspell. This camp will jump into some of his classic songs and characters that have vowed audiences for years!

June 19-23 "Moana"
Rising 1st Grade Students thru 4th grade | 9am-2pm | $195

If the ocean is calling, then this is the right camp for you! Help Moana restore the heart to her island while learning her music from this new Disney classic and perfecting the skills that make her so brave.

June 19-23 " Welcome to the Sixties"
Rising 5th Grade Students thru 8th Grade | 9am-3pm | $225

Broadway captures the essence of so many decades, but there’s nothing quite like the 60’s!
This Camp will explore musicals set in the 60’s such as Hairspray, Dreamgirls, Bye Bye Birdie, and How to Su
cceed in Business Without Really Trying!ed in Business Without Really Trying!

June 26-30 "Star Wars - Rogue 1"!
Rising 4th Grade thru 8th Grade | 9am-3pm | $225

Is the force with you, or are you bound to join the dark side?
In this acting camp students will use the classic Star Wars stories as
their inspiration to tell their own galactic tale.

June 26-30 "Neverland"  
Rising 2nd Grade Students thru 4th Grade | 9am-2pm | $195

At this camp you never have to grow up! There is so much to explore in Neverland , including: Pirate’s Cove, the Indian Camp, and Mermaid Lagoon. With guidance from characters like Peter and Wendy, students will leave this camp feeling like they have their own pixie dust!

July 5-7 "Frozen"  
Rising 1st Grade Students thru 5th Grade| 9am-3pm | $100

Do you wanna build a snowman?
In this camp students will enjoy the chance to perform some of their favorite songs from the Disney
Classic. There will be fun activities inspired by Anna, Elsa, and Olaf!

July 10-14 "Scooby Doo"
Rising 3rd Grade Students thru 6th Grade | 9am-1pm | $195

There are no meddling kids in this camp… just expert mystery solvers!
Scooby and the gang will lead the way as students learn what
it takes to work as a team while catching monsters and ghosts.

July 10-14 "Sesame Street"
Ages 4-6| 9am-1pm | $150

We can tell you how to get to Sesame Street!
In this camp students will follow the guidelines of Sesame Street, and explore the many wonderful ways to use their imagination! Characters like Big Bird
and Elmo will serve as our guide!

July 17-28 "Legally Blond, Jr." ( Production Camp)
Rising 6th Grade Students thru 12th Grade | 9am-3pm | $350

This high energy show follows Elle Woods as she steps outside her typical stereotype as a Sorority Girl, and in a drastic attempt to be taken more seriously, jumps head first into Harvard Law. Along the way, Elle becomes friends with Emmett and Paulette, and discovers that books and looks aren’t mutually exclusive. As Elle begins to really embrace her new career, she finds that what she really wants has been right in front of her the whole time.

July 17-21 "Muppets"
Rising 2nd Grade Students thru 5th Grade | 9am-2pm | $195

Ever wonder how the Muppets look so awesome? In this camp your child will learn puppetry skills, while seeking inspiration from famous Muppets like Kermit & Miss Piggy.

July 17-21 "Children's Literacy on Stage"
Rising Kindergarten Students thru 2nd Grade | 9am-1pm | $150

There are so many amazing musicals based on children’s books that we all know and love!
Taking inspiration from these fun stories, our campers will dive into some of these musicals like Matilda, A Year
With Frog and Toad, and Seussical (to name a few).

July 24-28 "From Radio to Broadway"
Rising 3rd Grade Students thru 6th Grade | 9am-2pm | $195

Many Music Legends have found their way to Broadway, enchanting new audiences with their talents.
In this camp we will focus on various musicals that have used radio chart topping hits to tell a

July 31 - August 11 "Disney's Cinderella Kids" (Production Camp)
Rising 3rd Grade Students thru 8th Grade | 9am-3pm | $350

Poor Cinderella is endlessly mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, and denied a chance to go to the royal ball. With a little help from her mice friends… and a lot of help from her Fairy Godmother… Cinderella’s dreams come true. She goes to the ball, meets the Prince, and falls in love!

July 31-Aug 4 "Secret Life of Pets"
Rising 1st Grade Students thru 4th Grade | 9am-2pm | $195

Animals have so much personality – especially our pets! In this acting camp students will have pets like Max & Duke to guide the way in learning various ways that actors can use their bodies while performing.
Students will learn the essence of non-verbal acting &
improve their physical acting skills.

August 7-11 "Harry Potter"
Rising 1st Grade Students thru 4th Grade | 9am-3pm | $225

Ever wonder what house you would belong to in the Wizarding World?
Not only will students discover the talents that make them special,
but they will learn ways to bring magic to life!


Morning Care and After Care

The Athens now offers morning & after care to help you facilitate your day!

Morning Care: 7:30am – 9am | $35 per week
After Care (A): 2pm – 5:30pm | $70 per week
After Care (B): 3pm – 5:30pm | $50 per week

Combo Care (Morning and After Care):
7:30am – 9am and 2pm – 5:30pm | $90 per week

*Combo Care (B):
7:30am – 9am and 3pm – 5:30pm | $75 per week

*After Care (B) is for Production Camp Students only.

Morning and After Care include age-appropriate arts and crafts, movies, and games. After Care includes outside play; there are no off-site trips. Morning and After Care are not extensions of the theatre camp, though are still engaging and enjoyable for all students. Tuition is charged for the week, not the day. Pro-rating is not available. Students in After Care should bring a snack.



All refunds for withdrawals incur a $25 administrative fee per camp.

·         All withdrawal requests must be sent in writing to

·         If a child withdraws from a camp or class before the first day of camp or class, the registration cost is refunded less the $25 administrative fee.

·         If a child withdraws from a camp or class at any time on or after the first day of the program no refunds are given. The exception is for a medical reason, which requires a physician’s note. In the event of withdrawal due to a medical issue, the registration fee is prorated, the unused portion is refunded, and the administrative fee is waived.

The Athens Theatre reserves the right to alter or cancel scheduled programs as necessary. If a program is cancelled, a full refund of the cancelled program’s tuition is issued


Registration and Payment

Click HERE for our Registration,  Payment and Release Form which must be returned to assure a place - you can either include a check with the form or purchase via credit card by clicking the button above (Morning and After care to be paid by check at the beginning of the class)  

(Your child may qualify for financial assistance -- click HERE for application)

Camp Information

·         Camp Hours are indicated above.

·         Extended care is available - more information on the Registration form

·         Camp location is the Athens Theatre, 124 N. Florida Avenue, DeLand

Commonly Asked Questions:

·         Q:  Will instructors have security clearance?

A:  Yes!   All instructors have background checks.  They have been cleared and are wonderful teachers! 

·         Q:  Will my child be supervised at all times during the camps, including supervision to and from restrooms, breaks, lunch, etc...?

A:  Yes!  The highest precautions for safety at all times and students will be closely supervised. 

·         Q:  Where will drop off and pick up occur each day?

A:  The Athens Theatre, 124 N. Florida Avenue, DeLand unless otherwise advised by the instructor.

·         Q:  Will students be learning at age specific levels?

A:  Yes!  Each camp will have 4-6 instructors with age / grade appropriate groups.

Questions?  please email


This project is sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on  Arts and Culture and the State of Florida